Are you interested in making a significant hands-on contribution to help the impoverished women and children of Honduras improve their lives?

WHEN         July of each year

WHERE:        In the villages of rural Copan, Honduras

WHAT:           Volunteers can select from a variety of service options, including:

  1. Teach English, music, art and other subjects in the school
  2. Assist the nurse in the clinic (general medicine/dentistry/maternity support)                 
  3. Support the new cooperative projects through carpentry/construction/agricultural work
  4. Help train and coach the boys and girls soccer teams
  5. (Other ideas are welcome)


This 9 day volunteer trip will include:

  1. All volunteers will stay at Hotel Antiguo Robles in the town of Santa Rosa de Copan
  2. Volunteers will work in one or more of the ten villages 
  3. Light of Esperanza's Scholarship youth will serve as hosts and guides for volunteers
  4. Volunteers will help Light of Esperanza host our annual "Fiesta for the Youth" celebration for the young children. This day will also include an exciting soccer match between Light of Esperanza's sponsored boys and girls teams.
  5. Volunteers will return back to the United States  - full of life-lasting memories of their incredible experience volunteering in Honduras!


Light of Esperanza will arrange for all expenses related to transportation (excluding airfare), breakfast and lunches, hotels for $1,000/person.

Volunteers will be asked to purchase their own airline ticket and dinner expenses.

It is also recommended to bring additional spending funds to purchase the beautiful hand-crafted items available in Honduras.


Interested individuals should contact Light of Esperanza via e-mail with any questions about our  Volunteer opportunities:  lightofesperanza@gmail.com

The deadline for application is December 1 of each year.