Light of Esperanza is focused on three main areas of work:

1. Educational

                                                  - Scholarships for promising youth to continue their studies past the 6th grade

                                    - Bringing technology and computer centers to village schools

                                    - School renovation projects

​                                    - School supplies

                                    - Girls soccer league

                                    - Fiestas for the Youth village celebrations

                                    - Educational enrichment trips to the Mayan ruins of Copan Ruinas

2.  Cooperative Projects

                         - Self-sufficient three year business projects with the intention to help women and

                                       youth build a pathway out of poverty

3.  Health projects

                                    - Dental care and supplies

                                    - "Mother to Mother" initiative - prenatal pills and vitamins for women and children

                                    - "Pride in My Village" project to clean garbage from village streets